Marching Band Season


The marching band has been rehearsing consistently since July 8th, which was the beginning of band camp.  The band has been practicing every week to create a marching show about seven minutes in length. The show, titled To Begin Again, tells the story of a thriving forest full of life and beauty, with triumphant and playful music playing throughout.  Then, in the middle of the show one of the trees is struck by lightning, which subsequently causes a forest fire that quickly spreads to the rest of the trees. This movement in the show is characterized by very aggressive music that instills panic and fear as the forest burns down.  Throughout this section the trees systematically turn to reveal a burning tree .  Once all the trees are turned and the fire comes to a stop, the fourth movement of the show begins from the destruction caused. After the fire, the song Only in Sleep is performed by the band and has a despairing tone and a sense of loss, while simultaneously displaying peace and calm.  At the end of that piece, a singular tree turns to the living side signifying the beginning of regrowth and rebirth amongst the vast death and destruction.  The last part of the show is triumphant and hopeful, as life is starting to regrow and return from a place of death. 

The Centaurus Marching Warriors have varied in placement throughout the season.  At the first competition, which was held at Centaurus, the band placed first out of the 4A bands.  Since this competition Centaurus has consistently scored in third place behind Airforce Academy and Loveland. During the regional competition, Centaurus ranked 4th in the state, but at the recent Arapaho competition the band placed first and won every award.  At the state championship, the band placed 3rd with an 83.95, the highest score ever for the Centaurus band. The marching band performed a great season and are very proud of the accomplishments made.

According to Taylor, a freshman in the marching band, “It was a great season, and I feel very accomplished”

A link to the video of the state competition is attached here.