Why is Art Good for Us?

When choosing your classes in high school a basic requirement is usually taking some form of an art class. Whether it be photography, ceramics, or drawing and painting, you will typically have to take one of these classes at some point in your highschool career. Some deem this as “unnecessary”.


Here’s why it isn’t, and it actually can be very good for us. 


The ability of expression.

Engaging in art gives us the capability to freely express ourselves. Creating art lets us have an outlet to express our thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout our lives. Having this ability helps provide enrichment in our life. Creating shows the people around us of what’s really going on. It also helps us with coping with our pent up emotions. In some cases people are not able to express what is going on with themselves and they have no way to vent. 


Relaxation and calm.

Art can also be a very useful tool to relax ourselves. The Sage Neuroscience Center states that “most people who try art as a form of therapy or stress relief have experienced significant reductions in their cortisol levels when doing so” (SNC 2).  Cortisol is a hormone that is released when people are stressed, and studies show that after creating a work of art, people generally had lower levels of cortisol. Managing stress can be very difficult especially when being a teenager, so having a way that can help with that is always beneficial.


Helps build self-confidence

When creating something by yourself with no guidance, it helps build up your self-confidence. Being able to create something can give you a sense of accomplishment once it is finished. Letting go of being self deprecating of your work and learning to be confident with your skills releases a lot of tension or anger that you may have with yourself.


So, when you’re choosing your courses for next year, consider taking an art class! It can be a very rewarding experience. During school our mood can drop in an instant and having a break in your day can be an excellent way to relax and express yourself.