Centaurus Theatre Company Continues to Make a Name for Itself with Adaptation of The Crucible

The opening scene of The Crucible (Shira Nathan)

In the past, Centaurus Theatre Company has performed a wide variety of successful shows. This past weekend they performed their latest show, The Crucible. The original play, written by Arthur Miller, is inspired by the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The play was meant to teach the audience about McCarthyism and why it is wrong. What makes the Centaurus Theatre Company’s adaptation of The Crucible so unique are the essential themes of LGBTQ+ representation. The play targets the topics of discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community and the company aims to provide a safe place for all members. The show was around 3 hours of immersive dialogue, setting, and costumes, an overall great experience. The cast portrayed their characters perfectly and used great emotion that certainly touched the crowd. To learn more about the cast, you can visit the Centaurus Theatre Company’s Instagram page or the Centaurus Theater Company Website.

However, the quality of the show runs much deeper than what is seen on stage. In fact, the Centaurus Theatre Company has 8 different departments: set construction, sound design, prop design, lighting design, costumes, hair and makeup, stage managing, and front of house. Each one, on stage and off, contributed to the production of the show. They all worked together to bring the play to life. 

The Centaurus Theatre Company has made quite a name for itself. They even have a whole page on their website dedicated to their mentions in the news. The CTC has been featured by the  Daily Camera several times. The publication has written articles on the Centaurus Theatre Company during the height of COVID  and how they adapted to keep theatre going, and on the mental health  representation they have included in their shows in the past. Most recently, the Daily Camera wrote an article about The Crucible and how they incorporated LGBTQ+ representation.(Crucible Aritcle). If you wish to learn more, you can check out the Centaurus Theatre Company’s website. 

One of Centaurus Theatre Company’s most recent and noteworthy mentions has been been the November Spotlight Thespian Troupe of the Month by the Colorado Thespians . They acknowledged the CTC’s adaptation of The Crucible and the important message it sought to teach about LGBTQ+ representation.  

For anyone interested in joining theatre, they hold interest meetings at the beginning of each semester, designed to inform people who may be considering joining. However, if you are not able to attend the meeting you can also simply stop by after school to talk to someone and they’ll help with any information you need. For any additional questions you may have, you can visit the Centaurus Theatre Company’s website and use the Contact Us tab or send them a dm through Instagram. Centaurus Theatre Company is open to all! Regardless of any prior experience, you are welcome to join the theatre. With a total of eight different departments, there’s something for everyone.