How to Study for Finals: Tips and Tricks

Finals are slowly creeping up on the students of Centaurus, and many of us are not prepared. This time of the year is always stressful, however there are some ways you can help manage that. So here are some tips and tricks to assist you for finals week, whether you are a Freshman and new to this or a Senior  looking for support.

1.Stay in the moment! It’s important to understand what class work you still have to complete before finals start. If you only focus on what you have learned so far this year you will miss out on what’s current in class. Try to grasp how much new homework you will have instead of just studying and missing new assignments/homework. 

2. Study with friends. It’s always a breath of fresh air to study with some friends. It’s healthy to have a balance between your social life and school work. Combining the two can be an amazing way to get some work done and to hang out with friends. Also, if your friends have similar classes you can help each other understand different units and subjects. It can also give you a different outlook on problems, having a second opinion and a different set of eyes can be very helpful. A great opportunity for this is to go to Centaurus’s annual cramfest this December. There will be food, drinks, friends, and teachers to help you with studying!

3.Take time to understand what methods work best for you. Everyones brains are different and not every type of study method will benefit you. Whether it be taking notes, flash cards, highlighting, Quizlet, study guides, etc. What may be best for you may not work for others. Once you can understand what helps you can be set for success.

4. Ask your teacher. If you are ever curious about what will be on your final, its always a safe bet to talk to your teacher and ask questions. They are always there to help you.

5. Have priorities. It’s crucial to spend the majority of your study time to focus on subjects you struggle with. Don’t have your center of attention on things you feel very confident about. It’s always great to review all subjects, however, have your priorities straight so you don’t waste time.

6. Don’t forget to focus on yourself. Finals will always be a little scary, but it won’t do you any good to spend all of your time worrying about what could go wrong. If you feel stressed, hangout with friends, indulge in your hobbies, have a snack, drink water, watch tv, breathe, etc. These things can’t solve everything but remember, tests are important but so is your mental health. 

Finals are a lot,  but remember, focus on what’s important and relevant, ask for help, study with others, find your learning style, and keep up with healthy habits. Good luck on finals week, and don’t forget to drop by cramfest  December 7th!

Happy studying Warriors!!