The Best Skateparks in Boulder County


-Cahl Arnold

Skateboarding is a great way to get outside while including people of all backgrounds. As people notice this, the sport of skateboarding continues to grow. With the constant expansion of the skate community, new styles and types of skateboarding emerge. For this reason, many parks have been created in Boulder County to give everyone a try at the sport. Here’s my review of some of the most popular skateparks in our area.


  • Lafayette Skatepark-450 N 111th St, Lafayette, CO

Lafayette Skatepark is a widely known park that specializes in two main types of skateboarding, street and transition. I would highly recommend this skatepark if you are a transition skater (meaning you skate in bowls). The street section at Lafayette is good, however some parts have been overworn. It’s a great park if you want to get away from the crowds. People there are very supportive, and helpful for beginners. Most of the park has been well-loved, and cracks are forming in some places. As much as I love this park, if you are looking to skate big obstacles then this is not the park for you.

  • Green Block 5333- Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO

As a street skater, I would highly recommend this park. No matter what skill level you may be, this park has lots to offer, and it is never the same. Green Block is considered a DIY skatepark, meaning obstacles are always being added and switched around. Everyone there is nice and supportive. The park is also large, so it’s never too crowded to skate there. 

  • Green Block 2- Boulder Public Library

No matter what the weather is, Green Block 2 is the ideal park. This park is a street only park, and new obstacles are always being added.  The park is under the Boulder Public library and has a roof over it. Due to this, it’s a perfect park to go to on a snowy, rainy, or hot day as it provides shelter and shade. However, if you go in any type of these conditions be prepared as it tends to get crowded 

  • Scott Carpenter- Scott Carpenter Park

Whether you’re into street or transition, this park has it all. The transition part of this park has been around for a while now, whereas the street section is fairly new. The people at Scott Carpenter are all nice, but lots of people keep to themselves there. If you are looking to go to Scott Carpenter at night, look somewhere else as there are no lights.


Whether you are getting into skating, or have already begun I hope you visit one, of these parks. They all have lots to offer and wonderful locals. I hope to see you there!