The 1,000 Yard Special

An article celebrating Ben Mischke’s 1,000 rushing yard accomplishment


Lydia Szabo

Ben Mischke, player #25 playing football for the Centaurus Warriors.

Wyatt Chapman and Lydia Szabo

Junior running back, Ben Mischke, became the first Centaurus Warrior to rush for 1,000 yards in the last 15 years. We held an interview with him to see how he felt about his big accomplishment. 

Ben has played football since 8th grade, when he was left tackle for the Broomfield Blitz. He played left tackle for a grand total of 1 game until he beat everyone in a sprint, and current Centaurus wide receiver, Jack Parana, was switched to left tackle. Ben’s highschool role model, 2022 graduate Anthony Medina, was the clear future of Centaurus football. Ben has now filled this role. Ben talks about how his teammates used to refer to him as mini Medina and spoke fondly of getting to play with Medina last year. No doubt that Ben will inspire the up and coming freshman just like Medina did for him. When asked what he would like to tell the kids coming into highschool football, he warned, “It’s gonna suck, but the good moments outweigh the suck.” With many highlights throughout the years he has seen the benefits of all the work he’s put in. Mischke said that his first touchdown against Palmer in the homecoming game is one of the highlights of his highschool career. But touch downs and a 1000 rushing yards comes at a price. That price is getting up at 5 am to workout and having no free time. When asked what he’s looking forward to doing when the football season ends Mischke said, “getting to go home after school and doing homework”.

Because of  the huge time commitment, Ben couldn’t have done it without his coaches. “I just talk with [the coaches] all the time.” This season, Ben has run a total of 1,071 yards in just 8 games, averaging 133 yards a game. He had some standout performances against Hinkley (187 yards), Liberty (177 yards), and Thornton with a whopping 270 yards. He broke the 1,000 yard mark in that game against Thornton, but had no idea if he actually had done it or not. The coaches had been joking about pulling Ben from the game right before he broke the record. “I was always kinda worried that I just never got it because I didn’t know if they were serious or not.”After high school, his goal is to study engineering at a college or university, specifically in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC), with schools such as Colorado School of Mines and South Dakota School of Mines standing out. That is all saved for next year.

As this season comes to a close, the focus shifts to Ben’s two other sports: basketball and track. Track helps grow the skills for football. Then, his senior season for football, he hopes to repeat his success of this year, and leave a legacy for the Mischke name. He wants to be remembered as a good football player and an even better teammate. As senior teammate and team captain Zack Wojtalik says, “I wanna remember everything about you, I love you.”   

“We’ve made good relationships with everyone,” is the message that stands out.