Best Things to Watch to Get Into the Spooky Spirit

Best Things to Watch to Get Into the Spooky Spirit

If you love the season of fall and have not been able to properly get into the spooky spirit, here are some amazing movies / tv shows that are practically guaranteed to make you feel festive. 


This has always been a classic children’s story that never quite feels that its audience is for kids. The soundtrack is perfect to create an off-putting energy throughout the movie. As well as its beautiful music, the visuals are also spectacular. The animated feature is full of a variety of colors that can escalate the mood in a matter of seconds. This unsettling film is perfect for those who don’t want to be scared straight but more so, slightly spooked.

Scream (1996)

Scream may not have the best production or execution however this film never fails to be iconic. It is a timeless classic that has a pretty interesting premise. I’d say it’s perfect for the teenage demographic since it’s centered around highschool students. The suspense is used very effectively throughout the entirety of the movie. The way the antagonist is introduced is extremely clever and it definitely accomplished the task to scare the audience. The ending was also the blueprint for many horror films to follow so I’d say this movie definitely deserves a watch this season.

American Horror Story

This television series has something for anybody. Each one of the eleven seasons has a different subject that spans from hotels to witches. I think the range of things is unique from what other shows are doing. Its amazing cast always delivers a haunting performance. This show has such devoted followers for a reason, the recurring cast, connections through the seasons, and great scares (in my frightful opinion), is what makes this series spectacular.

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is another astonishing classic animated film. It has just the right amount of musical numbers that seem to never leave my brain. The story is centered around a troubling misunderstanding. In my experience, people are very divided on who the right love interest is for the main character, Victor, which is always fun to hear. The story almost feels too short when you are watching, I do wish there was more character building, however the rest of the movie makes up for it. This animated film is definitely devoted to the other woman. 

Donnie Darko

This is the perfect movie for the month of October, Donnie Darko is centered around a troubled teenager that is influenced by his visions. I must admit that its a little confusing at times, but the movie wraps up beautifully. This psychological thriller can be interpreted in many ways which is a breath of fresh air. This film will most definitely leave your mind wandering about the many themes/topics the movie discusses. The soundtrack is eerie and absolutely wonderful. Donnie Darko is a flawless supernatural movie for the season.


I hope at least one of these movies sounds intriguing enough to watch so you can lift your spirits!