Capsules and Tablets


Spooky tree- Contributor: FreeImages

Disclaimer: This story contains dark themes such as death, please read at your own discretion

Just five more…glass…shhh…breathe…” A young girl with silver hair down to her back sits on a hospital bed, crisp white sheets tightly fastened to the creaking metal bed. She stares longingly out the only window in the dark, enclosed room. 

“Just five more…glass…shhh…breathe…” She repeats. The only light in the room is that of the moon, which creeps across the floor and up the wooden side table, illuminating a container of pills that seems to be knocked over. A couple of the white capsules are split open revealing chalk-like powder inside. 

“Just five more, glass, shh, breathe…” Her hands, pale and speckled with bruises, are clasped tightly around a tall, clear glass of water. Outside the room, the sound of voices can be heard, though they are too far away to understand what is being said. The sound of footsteps echoes down the hallway, becoming increasingly closer until they stop and the door to her room slowly creaks open. 

 “Good evening Ms. Nora.” says a tall woman, her hair pulled tightly into a bun atop her head. Despite the sharp tools and needles that line her coat, she has a soft and comforting smile. The woman calmly makes her way around to face the young girl, still staring out the window. 

“It’s time to take your meds, okay Ms. Nora,” whispers the woman putting a soft hand on the girl’s arm. 

“Just five more…glass…shhh…breathe…” 

The woman crosses the room to a medical cart. She picks up a container of blue tablets and one of round white capsules and begins sorting them into separate containers. 

“The moon is bright tonight, Ms. Nora.” says the woman. She picks up the containers of sorted pills and makes her way to the empty spot on the bed next to the girl. In her hand, there are a total of 6 pills, 3 tablets, and 3 capsules. The woman places her hand on Nora’s back. 

“Come on dear, this will make the pain go away.” 

Slowly, Nora turns her head away from the window to look into the woman’s soft eyes. Her gaze travels down to the container of tablets and capsules. Slowly, she reaches one shaky hand to grab the first pill. Nora holds it in her hand, staring at it apprehensively. Her eyes then meet with the woman’s again, a look of concern on her face. 

“Just put it in your mouth, come on dear,” The woman says calmly, but she is losing patience. Nora raises her hand with the tablet to her mouth and places it on her tongue. She closes her eyes and swallows the pill, opening her mouth to prove it. 

“Good Nora, just five more.” 

The woman doesn’t wait for Nora to grab them this time. Instead, she grabs both the tablets and capsules and starts pushing them into the girl’s mouth.

“Make sure to take all of them.” The woman says. Nora ingests every pill, opening her mouth once she is done.  

“Very good, you’ll feel the effects soon, now drink some water, there is a glass in your hand,” states the woman, who now seems excited with anticipation. 


“Yes? Speak up, dear!” The woman almost yells in excitement 

“Where… am I?” says Nora. “I…I can’t remember anything!” she says tears filling up her eyes. “What did you do to me!” 

The woman’s face falls, no longer excited. “Shhh…’re safe.” She reaches her hand out, trying to comfort the stressed girl. 

“NO, you lied, you said…you said the pain would go away.” 

Shhhh, Shhh, Nora, remember it’s all in your head,” smiles the woman. Suddenly, Nora jumps off the bed and rushes toward the door. 

“You can’t get out, we can’t have you hurting other people again.”

“NO…” cries Nora, banging on the door. “Someone help me, please…please…” tears now fall down her face, and she seems to be struggling to breathe. 

“Nora, why don’t you come lay down on the bed.” the woman says, patting the space next to her. “You need to just breathe.” 

“NO NO NO NO NO!” Nora screams, clutching her head. Breathe. 

Breathe Nora. Just five more…glass…breathe…shh… breathe…breathe…breathe… 

A young girl with long silver hair jolts awake in a hospital bed, crisp white sheets tightly fastened to the creaking metal bed. As she sits up, her gaze travels to the only window in the dark, enclosed room. Her face, drained and tired, holds a look of deja vu. She feels as if she has been here before, but… Outside the room, the sound of footsteps echoes down the hallway.