What Would it Be Like if I Went to This School?

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These students chose Centaurus. Here’s why.

Shira Nathan , Co-Editor-in-Chief


Centaurus has a student population of 1,323, a graduation rate of 92%, and reliably high test scores. But there’s more to a good school than the numbers. Prospective students get a lot of information thrown at them during Open Enrollment season, and parents get even more. And often this info misses the main question: What would it be like if I went to this school? As the Open Enrollment deadline quickly approaches, closing Jan. 6th at 4 pm (extended due to Marshall Fire), here are some firsthand student opinions. These excerpts from interviews (one student from each grade) are a sample of what students think of Centaurus, as well as advice for prospective students and parents. 


What drew you to Centaurus?

Wyatt Chapman, He/Him, 9th Grade: “My mom [really wanted me to come].. because of the IB program. I’ve always really wanted to study abroad, and the program will help with that. And also, it was a smaller school [than the other options] and that’s what I wanted. It felt like a return to normal that I didn’t have during middle school, but it was definitely weird seeing students who are pretty much adults.”

Anna Williams, She/Her, 12th Grade: “… I felt very welcome, the school was smaller so I wasn’t super intimidated…and I got to talk to a few teachers when I came in for open enrollment, and every teacher that I talked to was super nice”


Why did you end up choosing CHS?

Joanna Nuñez-Carrazco, She/Her, 10th Grade: … All of my older siblings came to Centaurus and it was a pretty good fit for them, and they had some cool teachers, and I was aware of that.”

Anna Boromisza-Habashi, She/Her, 11th Grade: “Funny thing is, I didn’t. I was originally planning on going to Boulder High, because that’s where most of my friends were going, and I didn’t get in to Boulder because I don’t live inside the district. So Centaurus was actually my third option, after Fairview. I realized very quickly that I did not want to go to Fairview, so then I came to CHS. I made up my mind that I was going to do the IB program, and I’m not mad that I’m here!”


What was your first impression of the school? How does the school differ from your first impression? 

Anna W. (12th): “The school was small, and that made me feel like I’d be more welcome and easily fit in better… Now, I still feel that, but there are a lot more people coming here. That’s the only con, but I guess it depends on how you look at it… I’ve still like never met a rude person here though. 

Joanna (10th): “It was kind of odd, because we started off the year online, but it was a pretty good impression. The teachers and staff were nice, and they really tried to help, especially during that full COVID year. I wish it would have been more in person. School runs a little smoother than I thought; I was really anxious and scared, because it was a bigger school [than middle school], and harder classes obviously.”

Anna B-H. (11th) : “My first impression of the school was that people seemed very smart. The engineering department was huge, and science was so well funded, and the art room was really cool…I didn’t know anybody, so I was like ‘this school is massive’…Honestly I think I was right about most of it. There’s such a variety of programs offered here and I think that’s a very cool thing, and I don’t think people have gotten less smart. Especially in IB.”


Do you participate in any programs? If so, which ones?

Wyatt (9th): “I’m taking AP Human geography, which is really fun but definitely challenging. I’m going to play lacrosse in the spring for Monarch, because we don’t have a lacrosse team unfortunately. I’m also part of the student newspaper, and I’m going to go into the IB program for Junior and Senior year…It feels like a no-brainer based on what I want to do so…It’s [IB] just so many more opportunities than I felt the other schools had.” 

Joanna (10th): “Currently I’m participating in AVID, which is a college prep class/program, and I’m taking a couple AP classes. I’m also in the youth equality council for BVSD [outside of CHS]. Right now I’m working in student resources, which is just finding ways to make resources (computers, textbooks, staff, support, etc.) more accessible for all students. One thing we work on especially is mental health resources… They’re there but it can be hard for students to find them or hear about them.”

Anna B-H. (11th): “I participate in theater, I participate in tennis, I participate in IB…I think those are the three big things I participate in. I chose IB for 3 reasons: I really liked the idea of the program,… I think that the way things are balanced is very interesting. All of my friends were doing it. And the third reason is that I’ve heard so many good things about the IB teachers that I kind of wanted to be, like, with them.”

Anna W. (12th): “I did the engineering program for 3 years, photography for 2 years, and I was on the gymnastics team. The programs definitely played a role in me choosing the school”


In your opinion, what sets CHS apart?

Wyatt (9th): “… I feel like the community around here is awesome, and you feel like the principals and teachers aren’t above you, you can still talk to them. And it being a smaller school, I feel more comfortable as opposed to Fairview or Monarch where they have a lot of kids and it’s easier to kind of slip through the cracks.” 

Joanna (10th): “I think the diversity. I feel like there is more diversity than other schools, both in general and in BVSD. It has a pretty big Latino demographic. There’s a lot of different people with a lot of different backgrounds..There’s a newcomer program here, which is really cool and shows the diversity that there is…There is still some stigma, but that happens [at any school]…Most teachers are caring, and they really try to work with students ”

Anna B-H. (11th): “The community. The IB program. It’s like the hidden gem of BVSD, that’s how it was described to me. Plus, it’s in a cool location [with the open space nearby].”


When you think of the word ‘school’, what pops into your mind?

Wyatt (9th): “Obviously you can think of friends, but when it comes down to it, school is hard. I [was] definitely nervous for finals, but it’s worth it I think, because I like my classes even if they’re hard.  And I think that’s like the best type of class, because I’m not usually bored, [and] it’s not like I hate it. Overall, it’s a positive [experience]”

Joanna (10th): “I would say, at the moment, AP classes. It’s what I’m taking and it’s one of the things that I’m more focused on right now”

Anna W. (12th): “Classics, like classes, homework, and seeing friends.”


If CHS was a famous person, who would it be and why?

Wyatt (9th): “Oooh, ok, I’m gonna equate this to a sports player, because that’s my favorite activity outside of school. I think I would describe it as Kyrie Irving on the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers, but I have a reason. Lebron James was on that team, and in this situation Lebron James is either Monarch or Fairview, and you know, Kyrie wasn’t thought of as the ‘superstar’, but he became that through the playoffs and ended up playing better in the finals…Everyone knows about the other two, but Centaurus is like…underrated.”

Anna W. (12th): “I’ve got to think about this..I’m gonna say..Adam Sandler. Just the vibe, like it’s super laid back here.”


What do you want incoming students to know about high school, and Centaurus?

Wyatt (9th): “…The main thing is like if you have a big project or some studying to do, don’t do it all in one night. For finals I [did] about 20 minutes a night for each class…Not only for the amount of work but also the mental aspect. And also, it’s easy to make friends. You’re going to find people, so don’t worry about that”

Joanna (10th): “Don’t procrastinate is a big one…Have confidence, don’t be too hard on yourself. School is important, but grades don’t define you. It’s important to take care of yourself and put [your well-being] before schoolwork.”

Anna B-H (11th): “It is so much less scary than it seems, and you don’t need to focus on engineering if you don’t want to. A lot of people think that if they come to CHS, they’re forced to do engineering. So I would say that we have an awesome art program with really cool art teachers…Don’t feel like you’re being pressured into doing engineering.”

Anna W (12th): “It’s a lot more intimidating, coming in, than it actually is here. It’s not like the movies where you’re going to be bullied if you wear something different, everyone is super accepting.”


The Warrior Scroll staff hopes these accounts will be of use in making the difficult Open Enrollment decision!