A Feeling of Normalcy Returns to CHS During Homecoming Week



Students dressing up for monochrome/mix and match day

Yes, you read that title correctly. The student you were in 2020 might not have thought it was possible that any form of normalcy would be returning. For one very long year, students at Centaurus High School were attending school virtually. Waking up two minutes before first period and doing homework in bed was the norm. So yes, the student who you were last year might have squinted at the title of this article, rubbed their eyes, re-read it a few times, and still stared at it in shock and disbelief. Being trapped inside felt like it was going to last forever. Going back to school, much less having a Homecoming Week, felt like it would never happen. Thankfully it did, so here is a recap in case you missed any parts of it:




The school kicked off homecoming week strong with the annual Juniors vs. Seniors girls football game on Monday. In preparation for the big game, the school hosted their first all-school assembly since 2020. The pep assembly featured games, class chants, a performance by the Junior and Senior boys cheerleaders, and more. For the entire week, the school was decorated in red (the Juniors’ class color), and blue (the Seniors’ class color.) The powderpuff game on Monday night received a huge turnout. It featured parade entrances of the teams, a Freshman vs. Sophomore tug of war game, and performances at half time. The game was called early due to bad weather, and the Seniors won 6-0. 


Spirit Week


Throughout homecoming week, students were encouraged to dress up for spirit week. Monday was class color day, Tuesday was Spotify day, Wednesday was monochrome/mix and match, Thursday was country vs. country club, and Friday was CHS spirit day. 


Grade Games


Grade games, another long-standing tradition at Centaurus, also took place during homecoming week. Points were awarded to the grades who won the Powderpuff games, had the best school decorations, had the loudest class chant, and who dressed up for spirit week. All the classes competed to get as many points as they could. The winner of the grade games was announced at the homecoming game – yet another win for the seniors!



Homecoming Game


Homecoming week came to an end with the Homecoming football game. The Warriors faced the Thornton Trojans and won by a landslide. During halftime, homecoming royalty and grade games winners were announced. Additionally, the Poms team performed and the band played. During the game, the student section was filled with laughs, cheers, and school spirit – all of which was a reminder that normalcy is coming our way. Go Warriors!