Centaurus High School Needs a Production of High School Musical

Centaurus High School Needs a Production of High School Musical

Amari Jackson, Staff Writer

For the last few years, our school’s theater company has been lacking. I understand the aim of their productions is to relay a message that can stick with the audience, but there is one message that they overlook: as we change and grow, we should not allow one singular trait to define us.Teenagers should have models of how to break out of social norms; examples of how to just be themselves. To accomplish this, I believe the Centaurus Theater Company should do a production of High School Musical. Another reason to do this musical is the popularity the franchise has. One way to grab an audience is to market something familiar, and as many of the students have grown up with or have some knowledge with a version of the High School Musical; whether it be the trilogy of movies of Disney + original series. 

My proposed production of a well known play could also excite more students to want to join theatre. They would be drawn by 

the prospect of a well known musical with fun numbers and an inclusive cast of characters. Many POC characters make up the ensemble,especially the lead role, Gabriella Montez being of Hispanic descent. This allows people, especially people in minority groups who feel alienated with casts of primarily white characters, to feel comfortable in a role that represents them in a comfortable setting they are familiar with.


The Centaurus Theatre program is already an incredible program that pulls off amazing, and thought-provoking productions. But I strongly believe that it could use a push for popularity and engagement. And I am confident that a well known musical with high praise like High School Musical could help with that.