Centaurus Summer Reading


Tate McDonald, Literary Arts Editor

“Not every book is for everyone, but everyone should read books”, is the motto for the Centaurus Summer Reading program.


This summer everyone should grab a book and read no matter what type it is.  For the Centaurus summer reading program all you have to do is read just 1 book, to qualify for a prize at the beginning of next year.  We all look forward to summer as a break from school, but if we go through the summer without doing anything educational we will lose much of the information we gained throughout the year.  Reading is so important to make sure you stay engaged in learning, and even just reading a little can have very beneficial impacts on your learning and health.  Also, reading doesn’t have to be a chore. There are so many books out there; there is bound to be something you are interested in.  If you are having trouble finding a good book to read, just look on the Centaurus Library website to see what all your favorite teachers are reading.  

Ms. Turgel is always more than willing to recommend books to students, so if you are having trouble deciding what to read, she has many great recommendations.  No one has an excuse to not read this summer, because even if you don’t want to get a book from the library, every student at Centaurus can access a large number of e-books through Sora.  By being a BVSD student everyone can access Sora by logging on to the single sign on and clicking on Sora.  And If you want a good old fashioned book from the library to read, the Centaurus Library is available to all students and the Lafayette Public Library will be open all summer.  By participating in the Centaurus Summer Reading Program, you will also be participating in the Lafayette Public Library Summer Reading Program to work towards any prizes they may give away.  You can kill two birds with one stone, by reading this summer to qualify for great prizes from Centaurus and the Lafayette Public Library.  If you have any questions make sure to look at the Centaurus Library website, or ask Ms. Turgel.  Ms. Turgel and the other teachers at Centaurus “Really want to emphasize that students begin to develop a habit of reading this summer and continue reading when they come back to school in the fall.  I hope that students stop by the library for books and rewards!” -Ms. Turgel