Instagram at Centaurus


If you were to right now look at any student’s phone, there’s a good chance you’ll find Instagram on it, probably front and center on the home page. In general, teens installed Instagram practically immediately after receiving their first cell phones. At the time, it was quite different and less far-reaching than it is now, but everyone had it, and you needed it if you were going to keep up with social life. 


Instagram has quickly become one of the most influential apps in both the school and social environment. It’s in the top five most popular apps in the world, with roughly 140 million users in the United States alone. Therefore, it seems obvious that it should be used for more than just peer socialization purposes. It provides brand new methods of social networking. Looking at these statistics, it makes perfect sense for groups and clubs to use this vast network to their advantage. Where before, if any certain club wanted to drum up participation or awareness for an event important to them, they may have used school wide announcements or put up flyers; now, they can get their information to the majority of the student body in just one Instagram post. 


In all honesty, as much as students want to stay updated on current events at school, they probably wouldn’t be inclined to constantly be checking a bulletin board for information. Fortunately, they can see the updates they want upon opening Instagram. This quick and easy spreading of information has become crucial, and while it may otherwise seem unnecessary, the majority of students and the communities they belong to would agree that Instagram’s reach creates a convenience imperative for the success of an event.


Within Centaurus, you can find an Instagram page for virtually every club and community that exists. In just seconds, you can find the date and time of a sporting event, the location of a fundraiser, or even just determine whether or not you’re interested in joining a particular club. This benefits the student seeking information, as well as the group trying to get their information out there. Even parents can reap these benefits. While classic methods of sharing information should not be forgotten entirely, there is still much to be said about a newsletter or a strategically-placed flyer, with the ease provided by Instagram it seems evident that employing its popularity would be favorable.