Getting to Know Ms. Kang


Erin Kang is an art teacher that recently joined the Centaurus community/staff. This is Ms. Kang’s first year teaching; she aspires to help students find their identity and confidence. Ms. Kang views herself as a mother, a wife, & a teacher. Being a good teacher comes from within herself & the experiences she has had. Her goal and philosophy are to help her students find their confidence and embrace their identity. 

 Ms. Kang was born in Korea. At the age of 15 she came to the States knowing no English. Ms. Kang’s father worked as a professor in Korea to support her education. Being alone in the States was  saddening and challenging, but she got through it. Around the age of nineteen, Ms. Kang had to start providing for herself and like anyone else, she had her struggles. What stands out about her is that she lived in New York at a young age without her parents’ guidance.

Throughout the years, she has noticed life, in general, is hard, but she gets through it with the positive mindset that keeps her in the light. Ms. Kang keeps in mind her familyś sacrifices and hard-working ethic. “My personality is always you can fall, but at the same time, I always look at the positive side not (like) the negative. It makes me keep going, to pursue. You have to look back at where you came from always.”. This has taught her to expresses her gratitude for being alive and making space for forgiveness. 

Ms. Kang was not one to go out, be adventurous, and dye her hair. Although, she wishes she was more colorful when she was younger. With this in mind, she wants to encourage her daughter to express herself. As she enthusiastically sees students’ sense of style she hopes to take home ideas for her daughter. Naturally wanting the best for her kids she hopes they live life to the fullest!