2024 Club and Activities Directory

Every Club and Sport at Centaurus High School Circa 2024

It can be difficult to find accurate information about activities at Centaurus, but worry not! Here is a comprehensive list of all the clubs, sports, and activities at Centaurus High School as of 2024. All descriptions include an email to contact for information about the club/activty.



Musical Clubs

Jazz BandAn audition based band that plays jazz. Jazz bands consist typically of trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, double bass, and percussion.

Winter PercussionThe percussion section of Marching Band that performs independently, inside in the winter. No experience needed in band to join. 

Marching BandAn award winning group marching band. Either play percussion, brass, or woodwinds. You also have the option to join the color guard. No experience needed. 

Orchestra ClubAn extracurricular orchestra ensemble that meets every Wednesday before school at 8:35 to practice additional music. All orchestra students are welcome.

Literary Arts Clubs

Book ClubRead books and discuss as a group with other book-worms. 

Warrior ScrollThe student newspaper for Centaurus (aka this website!)

 Club positions include photographer, writer, editor, marketing, and publicity. 

CTC: Centaurus Theater CompanyThe Centaurus Theatre Company performs a play and a musical every year. Everyone is welcome to audition. Tryouts are announced in advance.

Philosophy Club Those interested in philosophy can participate on Mondays at 4:10-5:10 in the library. A new topic is introduced every week and students share all their philosophical thoughts through a magic stick!

Science Clubs

Eco WarriorsEco Warriors is committed to community involvement, fundraising, and education for the preservation and conservation of the Earth’s resources (abiotic & biotic).

Physics Club A student formed club  that enjoys projects, contests, having fun, and  advancing their knowledge of physics and STEM subjects.

WISE: Women in Science and Engineering – WISE is a club for women who enjoy science, engineering, and math. Students will grow confidence through hearing from guest speakers, speaking at middle schools, and running an elementary engineering night to motivate students about STEM. Members will enjoy field trips and hands-on experience. The club meets in room 113 twice a week. 

CIRC: Centaurus Intrepid Research Club – The goal of this club is to prepare for the district wide science fair. Anyone who is interested in science or would like to run their own science research experiment.  The club will be offered as a class if enough people sign up. The course number is S98 and the name of the class is Research Seminar in Science. It will count as a science elective. 

ACE: Architecture, Construction, and EngineeringStudents learn about architecture and design. Members will work with architects and engineers who will mentor them through a project. This year’s project is building a library. Internships and scholarships are available for those who join. The club runs through January – April. 

Engineering Club – Students learn about a variety of engineering concepts by participating in a number of national STEM competitions. Members use VEX to create robots and become familiar with the engineering design process.

Career Preparation Clubs 

DECA (Marketing Leadership)A co-curricular organization for marketing students that provides leadership training and marketing education programs to supplement classroom teaching. Students taking marketing classes at Centaurus must be DECA members.

FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America – The largest career-focused group for students studying business. Through useful professional preparation and leadership experiences, FBLA motivates and equips students to become socially conscious business leaders in a global society.

CRA: Career Readiness AcademyThe goal of CRA is to give students a supportive environment and a course of study that emphasizes both intellectual and personal growth, preparing them for college or the workforce when they graduate. Students are paid for their time in the club.

Academically Focused Clubs 

NHS: National Honor SocietyJuniors and Seniors that participate in National Honor Society volunteer both individually and in groups. A GPA of at least 3.7 is required. Must apply to be a member. 

ASL Honor Society – 

ASL Honor Society is a great opportunity for people to interact with deaf culture. The basis of the club is to help spread ASL in a positive and respectful way. 

Model UNStudents take on the role of the ambassadors for a chosen country and participate in simulations of the UN General Assembly and other multinational bodies as they discuss issues including gender equality, climate change, global health, and more.

Chess Club – Students meet in the library during lunch and improve their chess skills. Any skill level is welcome! 

TSA: Technical Student AssociationTSA has engineering, programming, art and technology challenges at their yearly conference in denver. They meet Wednesday from 8:45 am – 9:30 am. The club starts September till February. 

Community Focused Clubs

Sources of Strength – The goal of Sources of Strength is to lessen the risk of suicidal behavior in young people who are at risk and improve the communities mental health in various ways. The program prepares adolescents to serve as peer leaders and links them to community and school-based adult advisers.

C-SquadC-Squad is a group of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors  who offer many resources to the CHS community, particularly freshman. They put on Cram-Fest, open enrollment, and freshmen orientation day every year. 

Homelessness & Awareness Action Club – The Homelessness and Awareness Action Club conducts research and develops programs related to homelessness. They organize volunteer opportunities as well.

Advocacy and Action – Students gather to discuss action items around CHS such as social justice issues and Title IX and how to improve these issues through action. Advocacy and Action meets every Wednesday morning. 

Miscellaneous Clubs

E-SportsWith structured competitive action between two teams that is subject to a strict set of rules and regulations, esports raises the bar for video gaming.

Warrior Alliance – Centaurus Gender and Sexuity alliance provides a place for students to connect over LGBTQ+ and their identity. 

Dungeons & Dragons – All participants will make new friends and develop improvisational skills that will enable them to think fast and strategically. Players will either develop creative writing skills (DM) or teamwork skills (players).

Taylor Swift ClubTaylor Swift club is for the Swifties ready to take it to the next level! Members will make friendship bracelets, as well as listen to, talk about, and analyze Taylor’s songs.   

Cultura Dance ClubStudents learn traditional Mexican dances, as well as choreography, and practice dances such as salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia. 

Food Culture Club – Learn about food culture and traditions! You can get paid $100 to eat delicious food, but only 12 spots are available. The club starts after school from 4 pm to 5 pm. 

Ceramics Clubs Art students can finish their pottery made in class, or simply make new projects every Tuesday from 4 pm to 5 pm in room 103. Other pottery lovers can help with new creative ideas or help make students start their pottery journey. 

Wings Over the Rockies Maddie i’m so sorry I have no clue what this is pls help

Multi-Season Athletics 

CheerThe CHS cheer season lasts 11 months. Beginning with cheer tryouts in April, summer camp in July, the autumn football season, competitions in November and December, winter basketball, and the possibility of a national competition in late February.

Ultimate Frisbee ClubBoth boys and girls are encouraged to join the Lafayette Warriors Ultimate Team, which has seasons in the fall and spring. The fall session is co-gender, but the spring session contains two separate teams. Weekday sessions are held after school during both seasons, along with regular games and occasional competitions.

Weight Training – Students can pop in after school and train weight lifting with a coach that can guide them. All people, regardless of whether they are a seasoned student athlete or new at the gym, are welcome.

Fall Athletics

Cross CountryPractice is held 6:30-8:00 AM daily (7:30-9:00 AM Wednesdays) and  7:30-9:00 AM on Saturdays. Regular meets are held and subject to schedule changes.

Dance & Poms – Poms is a dance team that meets 3-4 times per week, along with required outside dance classes. Try out information will be released in March 2023. 

FootballFootball has two teams, Varsity and C-Team. The weekly practice schedule is subject to change throughout the season. Contact the Head Coach for more information.

  • High time commitment
  • Head Coach – To Be Determined

Golf: Boys – One week before the start of the academic year, tryouts will be held. Join the email list now to receive updates while you wait. 

Gymnastics – Centaurus students compete on the Broomfield Gymnastics Team. Please contact the head coach with any questions. 

Soccer: Boys –  Soccer has both Varsity, JV, and C teams.  Please contact the head coach with any questions. 

Softball – Softball is looking for new players and is now in the 3A Frontier League. Experience is not necessary. 

Tennis: Boys – Tennis is a no-cut sport. Practice is held every day after school from 4-6. Tennis has both JV and Varsity.

Volleyball: GirlsTryouts are either the first or second full week of August. Athletes must attend both days to be considered for a spot on one of the five teams (Varsity, Junior Varsity, C Team, Red [D Team] and Blue [D Team]). 

Mountain Biking Club – The Mountain Bike Club participates in competitions in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association’s Colorado Mountain Bike League. All Centaurus students, regardless of riding ability, are welcome to join.

Winter Athletics

 Winter GuardColor Guard performs in the winter independent of marching band.

Basketball: Boys – Basketball’s regular season goes through November-Mid March, with a six week off season, an improvement season in April-Mid September, and a Pre-season in September-October. The basketball teams are Varsity, JV, and C team. 

Basketball: Girls – Practice starts in November and ends in March. The teams consist of Varsity, JV, and C-Team. You must try out, but there are no cuts. Practice is held at either 4-6 pm or 6-8 pm every day except sunday. 

Ice Hockey – Monarch High School is where the BVSD hockey team practices. For further details, please go to their website.

  • High time commitment
  • Head Coach – N/A

Ski: Alpine & Nordic – Centaurus students compete on the Nederland Ski Team. Please go to Netherland’s website for more information. The ski season is Nov 14 – Feb 17.

Swim & Dive: Girls – Even though swim and dive is only a Varsity team, it is a no cut sport. Every skill level is welcome. Lafayette Recreation Center hosts practice five days a week. Meetings often take place during the weekend. November through February is the swim and dive season.

Wrestling: BoysWrestling doesn’t have tryouts, but wrestle offs are held for varsity positions. The season starts in September and goes through February. Wrestling is a no cut sport, with both Varsity and JV. Practice is held from 6:30 am – 8:15 am and then 4:15 pm – 6:30 pm. 

Wrestling: GirlsCHS girls wrestlers will compete on the Broomfield wrestling team. Please check the Broomfield wrestling website for more information. 

Spring Athletics 

Registration for Spring sports is a two-step process. The first step is to complete the registration form for CHSAA (Colorado High School Athletics Association). During this step, please upload a current copy of a physical which is required to participate. Physicals are good for 365 days. The second step is to pay the Spring Sports Participation fee through RevTrak. 

Baseball – Baseball’s spring season runs from January through May. This is the school-sponsored season, which is exclusive to Centaurus players.Varsity, JV, and C squad are the 3 teams.  The varsity season will have 23 games. A 19-game season is planned for the JV and C teams. Players will know what team they are on when the teams’ rosters are confirmed on March 5. All athletes must maintain their grades throughout the season.

Golf: Girls – In time for the Spring season, the team’s tryouts will be revealed. To keep up with developments, sign up for the mailing list now.

Lacrosse: Boys – Centaurus students compete on the Monarch Lacrosse Team. Please check the Monarch lacrosse team website for more information

Lacrosse: Girls – Centaurus students compete on the Fairview Lacrosse Team. All skill levels are welcome. Practice is at Platt MS and Fairview High School in the spring. Practices are Monday – Saturday for Varsity and Monday – Friday for JV. Tryouts are typically in late February. 

Soccer: GirlsGirls Soccer consists of both Varsity and JV. Practices are held at Centaurus. Practice is held on Monday – Friday at 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm.

Swim and Dive: Boys – Swim and Dive is just a Varsity team, but it’s a no cut sport. All skill levels are welcomed. Practice is held at the Louisville Rec Center at 7pm – 9 pm 5 days a week. Meets are usually held during the weekdays. The Swim and Dive season is from March – May. 

Tennis: Girls – The first official practice starts on February 28 and the season goes through May 15.  Tennis is a no-cut sport. Practice is held every day after school from 4-6. Tennis had both JV and Varsity.

Track & Field – Track consists of the following events: Distance, Hurdles, Jumps, Sprints, Throws, and Vault. The track season is February 28 – May 21. Practice is every Monday-Thursday from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. JV meets are typically on Wednesdays. Varsity meets are typically on Friday/Saturdays. 

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