The Chaos Continues: Subject Color Debate Erupts Across School


Crumpled paper has been turned into harmful projectiles as the chaos continues.

As of recent, the color to subject dilemma has escalated. Over the past few days, there have been an incline in verbal and physical fights throughout the school. The madness continues.


A student tired of the disputes says, “ I can’t even get to class on time anymore because there’s always conflict in the hallways.” Some people have become fed up with the way that the rioters have been acting. The commons have now been virtually destroyed just because of a “simple debate”. An estimated [Redacted] has been lost in the fights.  Note: We received a strongly worded note, written on notebook paper and slipped into our meeting room, to remove this number. Because our publication prides ourselves on having no spine, we immediately complied. 

Security is doing their absolute best to keep the crime rate down. Admin released an official statement on Monday: “[Dear students and staff] We are attempting to regain control of the situation that has gripped our school in the past week. We are aware that it is not conducive of a focused and productive learning environment. We assure you that our team, as well as that of BVSD, is initiating swift crackdowns on the violence, and everyone involved will recieve the appropriate consequences. Thank you for your patience as this is resolved. Once again, we remind you to stay safe and stay quiet on the matter.” 

Some things may just be meant to die out. Nothing has worked yet to calm the insanity down, so please, students of Centaurus, keep your opinions to yourself.