CHS Senior Awarded Full Ride To Columbia After Drawing Stick Figure

The revolutionary, award winning piece, created by CHS Senior Gray T. Artiste

The revolutionary, award winning piece, created by CHS Senior Gray T. Artiste

Tate McDonald, Literary Arts Editor

This past Wednesday a Centaurus Senior, Gray T. Artiste, was awarded a scholarship to cover all $77,000 of tuition and living for 4 years at Columbia University’s prestigious  arts program.  They were awarded this scholarship after submitting a series of stick figures. 

When asked about their artwork, Artiste commented, “I really poured my heart and soul into this piece and I feel like it represents the whole of humanity, and it’s just so nice to be recognized.” 

Columbia Admissions has commented that they have rarely seen a piece that  “evokes such emotion and reflection in the viewers”.  The university assesses submitted artwork on technical ability, message conveyance, aesthetic appeal, and intention. 

The artwork, which is pictured above, is meant to represent the whole of humanity and the innocence of youth.  The stick figure, which is the most basic way to draw a human, brings back the memories and simplicity of childhood: a time when there are little worries or stressors to taint this innocence.  The simplistic nature of this work gives the impression of the innocence of childhood, and comments on society and how we stray from that innocence and simplicity. 

As humans mature there is naturally a loss of innocence, and Artiste is commenting on this loss through the simplistic and childish design.  Along with the simple image, the color scheme is exclusively black on white, and thus even further advances the message.  This piece invokes a strong sense of nostalgia as the viewer cannot help but reminisce of childhood, and the wonders that came with it.  It transports the audience to a state of peace without the worries of everyday life.

Artiste is very excited to be able to pursue a career in art through attending Columbia, and is grateful for this high honor. “It’s honestly a dream come true”. 

The piece will be displayed at Columbia upon Artiste’s arrival in fall 2023.